The Marten Monster or the so called „The Danubian Nessie” won the national competition for children’s’ art „Danube Art master” on topic „Be active, protect the rivers” under the auspices of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube. The original idea belongs to a team of 7th-grade students from school „Otetz Paisii”, in the city of Marten under the guidance of Biser Stanislavov – head of the children’s eco-organization of the International Elias Canetti Society. With creative thinking and a lot of enthusiasm the four girls – Anna-Maria Tzaneva, Sofi Toncheva, Ivet Ivanova and Gabriela Ivanova, searched for natural materials for the monster. They came up with the idea when they came upon a log with an interesting shape. They decorated it with shells and stones and shaped it in a dinosaur-like figure which they called „The Danubian Nessie”. The team is a national winner and will participate in the finals of the international competition together with 13 foreign teams on September, 23th in Budapest.