On November, 22nd the International Elias Canetti Society (IECS) presented its work under the title GegenMassNahmen – crowd and person in the educational and cultural practice of the IECS, within the framework of the Balkan Salon of the Danube Office in Ulm, Germany.

Crowd and person – this was one of the main research topics for the Bulgarian-born writer Elias Canetti. His theories, though not unambiguously adopted by the social sciences and the literary circles, are still valid, especially in democratic societies, since they serve as immunization against any ideology, be it left or right.

Fostering the transition from the silent, passive and easily manipulated crowd towards the independent, creative and critical person is the main goal of the Elias Canetti Society and the philosophical ground of the events in Ulm.

The audience had the opportunity to actively participate in the work of the International Elias Canetti Society. For this purpose the centerpiece of the event was an interactive video installation. The event ended with a panel discussion, which reflected on the process of collective work.

This event served as a platform for exchange for those interested in arts, culture and education and for the representatives of cultural and educational institutions, who are interested in collaboration and exchange of ideas with the IECS.