18.10 – 10.11.2012, Dom Canetti

Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival 2012 was dedicated to the memory of its creator and director Ruen Ruenov, art critic, journalist and curator (1958 – 2011). Created in 1997, the Sofia Underground Festival has won a reputation of a major art event in the interdisciplinary genres of visual performance art, actionist art, happening and new media in Bulgaria. From October 18th to November 3rd Sofia Underground presented in Ruse a selection of works from their last festival. On November 10th Sofia Underground invited the audience to a special evening with a video presentation of the festival, a live performance by Theet of Devine and a audio/video set by YvesO.

The topic of this edition is based on a concept by Ruen Ruenov: “Justified Actions“. He reflected on the current cultural situation framing the artistic life and the conditions for artistic practices. He arrived at the conclusion that Contemporary Bulgarian art is not less provincial and faceless than the one characteristic for the regional stage prior to 1989. There are no alternatives to the framework-status-quo, which prevents development in the near future. For the artists, who start their work now there is a lack of any perspective and a sense of continuing to work in contemporary arts outside the set conformist parameters.

The event is part of the programme of the flow festival.

Opening times:
October 18th to November 3rd
Wednesday – Saturday
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
or with an appointment on: elisa.calosi@eliascanetti.org

November 10th, Canetti House
19:00 Sofia Underground 2012 video presentation
20:00 Teeth Of Devine – performance
21:00 YvesO – audio/video set

photos: momchilmihaylovimageware studio