December, 1st 2013, 7.30 p.m.
Klub na Dejcite na Kulturata, Konstantin Irechek Str. 2, Ruse

“Drei im roten Kreis” is the name of a German jazz band around the saxophonist Reiner Witzel from Düsseldorf. Inspired by the title of a criminal film of the “Nouvelle Vague” from the 60s, “Drei im roten Kreis” became an extraordinary top-class jazz trio. After numerous concerts over the whole world, the trio will now present its latest records, released in the album “NoMansLand”, in Ruse on the 1st of December. Underlying to the music there is always a connection to a story or a picture. “NoMansLand” is a fictive road movie, which leads the audience through dusty streets to strange places and glances in a special way at normal things. The three musicians create a trilogy and leave at the same time some space for interaction within small and bigger circles. Inspiring, challenging and rough-edged the skilled artists make a smooth experience out of a musical triangle, which combines everything jazz is capable of.

“Drei im roten Kreis” provides some brilliant Jazz with melody and depth, nonchalant, with elements of Blues and does not stick to ephemeral trends. Reiner Witzel, Christian Scheuber and Joscha Oetz mix American Jazz with European roots, tradition with contemporary influences and enrich it with a small dose of electronic sounds. Their music never loses contact with the audience and takes them on a journey to the Wild West telling the story of inspector Vanucci.

Rainer Witzel (saxophone, flute, efx) had been studying in Köln and New York and has recorded numerous albums. He is also writing compositions for TV and theater and teaches at the music college in Frankfurt and in Düsseldorf.

Christian Scheuber (drums, percussion) had been studying in New York and Bern and had been awarded the Jazz-Ear-Award 1999 for his musical achievements.
Joscha Oetz (bass) is a specialist in Afro-Peruvian music and had been living for ten years in San Diego and Lima.

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