(ex-Bad Seeds/The Wreckery)

Ruse, March 26th 2013
9 p.m.
MAX CLUB, Aleksandrovska Str. 84

“Beautiful, brutal, primitive and transcendent”… this is how critics describe the new album of Hugo Race (second album in his discography with The Fatalists) We Never Had Control (October 2012). This description can easily be drawn to his work in the past three decades – from the years he was on stage together with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1983-1984, and later as a co-author of the music for the movie Ghosts…Of The Civil Dead), also The Wreckery and The True Spirit, to Dirtmusic and his many side projects and collaborations.

Regarding the characteristics of the songs from the album We Never Had Control we can add: dark-blues, post-punk, poetry, zen and even here and there Tuareg guitar riffs (they historically appeared in his music 2008 when in a collaboration with Chris Eckman and Chris Brokaw he recorded the album BKO together with the Tuareg band Tamikrest in the capital of Mali Bamako).

The musicians he works with in the Fatalists and with whom he will come to Bulgaria are Antonio Gramentieri, Francesco Gianpaoli and Diego Sapignoli. They are members of the well-known Italian instrumental post-rockabilly-folk formation Sacri Cuori.

The concert at MAX CLUB in Ruse is part of the first broader music travel of Hugo Race through the Balkans and it is organized from the radio festival “Alarma Punk Jazz” (“Hristo Botev”, Bulgarian National Radio).
The opening act is the Munich-Sofia indie-dark-psychedelic trio Rosenquarzexpress.


Pre-sale tickets on TixGate, TicketPlus and Eventim, as well as at the EasyPay kiosks in Bulgaria: 8 lv
Tickets at the concert: 10 lv

The event is organized by Alarma Punk Jazz with the support of the International Elias Canetti Society.