17th December | 5 pm
Austrian library “Elias Canetti”, Dohodno zdanie

The Austrian writer Marianne Gruber presents her newest novel Memories of a Clown, whose Bulgarian translation was published this year by the Elias Canetti publishing house, in Ruse. With that she concludes her Bulgarian reading tour after stops at the International book trade fair in Sofia and in Veliko Tarnovo. Extracts from the novel will be read in German and in Bulgarian. After the reading the audience will have the opportunity to discuss with the author.

Marianne Gruber, born in 1944 in Vienna, writes poetry, prose, essays, materials for radio and TV. For her works she has won numerous awards. From 1994 to 2014 she was the president of the Austrian Society for Literature. She is also a member of the International advisory council of the International Elias Canetti Society.

In an interview Marianne Gruber once said, that she is a deeply faithful person since she believes in the constructive power of art. Once, however, a society is able to create culture, so Gruber, it is also able to find solution models for its problems.

In the creation of such models Marianne Gruber has accomplished great achievements, as much in her artistic as in her cultural-political work.