September, 16th to October, 17th 2015

Photo exhibition “14 x 14 – Measurement of the Danube region. – Snapshots”

This autumn the donumenta will continue its journey through the countries of the Danube Region – for four weeks starting from September, 16th 2015 the exhibition “14 x 14 – Measurement of the Danube region. – Snapshots” will be on display in Canetti House, Ruse.  Bulgaria is the fifth and final station for the travelling exhibition which started its touring across the countries of the European Danube macro-region in spring 2014. Since then the collected large-format original photographs by 14 artists from the countries of the Danube region have been on display in Germany (Neu-Ulm), Serbia (Novi Sad), Hungary (Pécs), Austria (Vienna) and Bucharest (Romania). Regina Hellwig-Schmid is satisfied with the reception of the exhibition: ‘I am happy about the great interest in the exhibition of contemporary photography and the participation of internationally renowned painters, sculptors and conceptual artist. I hope we can show the exhibition also in other places in the following years, since there is a continuous high interest in it.’

The exhibition features 26 large-format photographs by renowned artists from all 14 countries of the EU Danube macro-region. They show moments and scenes from the current living environment of the artists in their home countries. Created on the moment close-ups, landscapes, surreal still lifes and family portraits convey an insight into the social realities of the Danube region. Curator of the exhibition is Regina Hellwig-Schmid, Artistic Director of the donumenta Association in 2012.

The Elias Canetti House is an important cultural centre in the city of Ruse. Commissioned by the Canetti family in 1898 and built by Nikos Bedrosyan, from 1998 the building is at the disposal of the Elias Canetti Society and hosts a large variety of musical events, performances and visual arts exhibitions. They successfully managed to develop the house into a well-known in Ruse and Bulgaria forum for contemporary art and culture, and to establish it as a meeting place for the young generation.

The donumenta worked on several occasions with Bulgarian partners, among others within the framework of the donumenta Festival in 2005, when the contemporary Bulgarian art and culture were the main topic, and in 2012 as part of the anniversary exhibition of donumenta “14 x 14 – Measurement of the Danube region.”

Short information

14 x 14 – Measurement of the Danube region. – Contemporary Art. – Snapshots.

Artists: Biljana Djurdjević, Serbia | Magdalena Jetelová, Czech Republic | Julian Palacz, Austria | Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová, Slovak Republic | István Csákány, Hungary | Mladen Miljanović, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Igor Grubić, Croatia | Tadej Pogačar, Slovenia | Herbert Stolz, Germany | Ivanov Pravdoliub, Bulgaria | Lazar Pejović, Montenegro | Alexandra Croitoru, Romania | Pavel Brăila, Moldova | Ivan Bazak, Ukraine

Regina Hellwig-Schmid, Artistic Director of the donumenta and “14×14”

Place: Elias Canetti House, Slavyanska Str. 12, Ruse 7000