4.30 PM

Exhibition by Atanas Gadzhev, presented by Cervantes Institute – Sofia


The works at the exhibition are visual interpretations of one of the most important 20th century novels “Pedro Paramo” by the Mexican author Juan Rulfo. Atanas Gadzhev, a Bulgarian artist, expressed his respect for the work of Juan Rulfo through his own works, by presenting his “reading” on the idea of the overflowing boundaries between life and death. Created in 2014, the graphic artworks are limited digital prints, whose origins are miniatures painted with ink and feathers on authentic parchment as part of an international project.

Atanas Gadzhev (1960) graduated “Ceramics” at the National Academy of Arts. He is the author of a number of interior, exterior and spatial artistic and plastic solutions made of clay and paper. Has more than 25 solo exhibitions in Sofia, Madrid, Bratislava, Vienna and Prague. He participated in international projects and creative residences: Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France; Schwandorf, Germany; Vogel, Slovenia; Uzice and Zlakusa, Serbia; Nitra, Slovakia; Thaya, Hungary; Resen, Macedonia; Pretoria, South Africa, etc., as well as over 70 collective exhibitions.

5 PM

Petja Heinrich and the river – “Lima” and “Limne”

Moderator: Mira Dushkova

PP: Yes, I will come to the festival in Rousse. What a nice meeting it will be – “Limne” refers to the ancient Greek word for rivers and lakes, and although in the book most texts are in the spirit of the Rhine (this is how it happened – this river is under my nose), then the Danube is an inspiring river relative 🙂 and I could not imagine a better place in Bulgaria for presenting exactly these books than Rousse.

Heinrich graduated journalism at Sofia University. Since the mid-1990s Heinrich has worked as a journalist and has collaborated with various media in Bulgaria. Since 1996 she lives with her family in Germany. Editor of the German and Bulgarian versions of the electronic magazine “Public Republic”, participates in the team of the digest for literature and people “Crossroad”, collaborates with Bulgarian and German media. She translates poetry from and into German. Since 2007 she writes her personal blog about poetry “мисли + думи”. Creator and motor of the magazine “НО ПОЕЗИЯ”.

6 PM

Petar Chuhov – Love Herostrategy – Reading of Semi-Love Poems.

Moderators: Mira Dushkova/Maia Angelova

Petar Chuhov was born on June 23, 1961 in Sofia. Bachelor of Library Science at the State Library Institute and Master of Sociology at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski “. The author is also the editor of the preface of the first anthology of the Bulgarian Haiku published abroad – the bilingual collection (in Hungarian and Bulgarian)” Más-más csönd/Different Silence “(Napkut Kiado, Budapest, 2012). He is writing music and lyrics, has played in many rock bands (“Subdibula”, “Tutaksi”, “Stenly”, “Pesho and the alcoholics”, “Cocarde”), co-founder of the ethno-rock group “Гологан”. He presents his poems with the alternative rock band “LaTekst” (latext.eu), and the newest formation he plays in is “Par Avion Band”. Author of 11 poetry collections, two books with prose and a book for children.

7 PM

Mira Dushkova presents her new book “Angels and Snow over Montreal” (2018), ed. “Janet-45”

With the participation of the dance formation “Star Dance” to the Community Center “Hristo Botev – 1908” with artistic director Antonia Koseva.

Mira Dushkova (1974) is a poet and literary writer, doctor of Bulgarian Literature, associate professor at Rousse University “A. Kanchev”. Has graduated Bulgarian Philology at VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius “. Her poems and stories are published in literary publications in Bulgaria, Austria, India, Romania, the United States, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia, Sweden, in online editions in Swedish and Arabic languages.

She is the author of the poetry books “Trying Stories as Clothes”, “Exercises on the Straw Dummy”, “Smells and Sightings”, the collection of stories “Invisible Things” and the monographs “Semper Idem: Konstantin Konstantinov. The Poetry of the late stories” and “Memento vivere: Konstantin Konstantinov and his contemporaries”.

She lives in Ruse and teaches literature at the University of Ruse.