Poeziomat or Jukebox for POETRY, together with the Czech Center – Sofia  is placed at Svoboda Square 4, in front of Art Cafe in the Dohodno Zdanie from September 24th till Oct. 31st, 2018

The Poeziomat looks like a periscope on a submarine or as a ventilation tube, but it’s actually a free jukebox for poetry. The first Poeziomat appeared in 2010 in Prague based on the idea of Ondrej Kobza. After Kiev, London, Moscow, Venice and New York from 2017, Poeziomat travels around Bulgaria and from it poetry of modern European poets can be heard in its original form and its translation in Bulgarian.

Poeziomat is in Bulgaria thanks to its creators from the independent Czech initiative to revive the urban environment of ‘Piano on the street’ and with the assistance of the Czech Center Sofia and the partners of the Network of European National Cultural Institutes EUNIC – Bulgaria.

4.30 PM at Canetti House

Boryana Kalistrina reads ‘1968’ and other poems

Boryana Kalistrina is a poetess and a journalist. She is author of “Homo ludens” – “The playing man” that was presented in the Bulgarian National Radio and of the verbal installation „The voice of the artist“. Currently, she works as a PR-agent in Sofia.

5.30 PM


KOPRIVA is a loop-artist. The street is her scene. She creates her music live by letting the universe lead her and sing through her.

5.45 PM

Exhibition “IN THIS TIME AT ANOTHER PLACE / 100 YEARS CZECH COMICS”, together with the Czech Center Sofia, the exhibition continues until 31 Oct. 2018

The 100 years anniversary of the creation of Czechoslovakia (1918) offers the perfect opportunity to review the history of the Czech comic book as well as the image of history in the comics. The exhibition presents this Czech art in its many forms and historical interrelations. Through the thematic focus on the main genres, turning points and intercultural inspiration, the exhibition aims to show the modern Czech comic and its “first century” in their entire variety. It seems to us that the most appropriate way of presenting the history of the Czech comic book is the unsystematic variety – the story of what happens here at this time and how it happens elsewhere will allow us to better understand what is happening here and now.

The exhibition “At this time in another place / 100 years Czech comis” with curators Pavel Korinek and Tomash Prokupek is a project of the Czech Centers, implemented in partnership with the Institute of Czech Literature at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Faculty of Philosophy at the Palatski University in Olomouc as part of the events celebrating the 100th anniversary of the creation of Czechoslovakia.

6 PM

Presentation of the Bulgarian translation of the ‘Zatopek’ comic with the participation of the writer Jan Novak and the publisher Manol Peykov, together with the Czech Center Sofia and the publishing house “Janet 45”

The ‘Zatopek’ comic book is a joint project by writer Jan Novak and artist Jaromir 99 and follows the road of the remarkable athlete Emil Zatopek (1922-2000) from the small town of Koprivnice to the Olympic stadium in Helsinki, where in 1952 he won three gold medals breaking Olympic records (in the 5000m and 10,000m race and in the marathon). The Bulgarian version of the comic book is translated by Vasil Samokovliev in the publishing house “Janet 45”.

Jan Nowak’s guest appearance is supported by the Czech Literature Center at the Moravian Library in Brno.

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7 PM

Kristina Tsaneva, Austria-Bulgaria – Presentation and Discussion on “Bulgarians in Austria”

Moderator: prof. Penka Angelova

Since October 2016 Kristina Tsaneva – Parzer is an Austrian lecturer in the Veliko Tarnovo university. She was born in Burgas and at the age of 22 she goes to Austria where in 2005 she graduates German and Slavic studies in the university of Salzburg. She works twelve years on different projects in Vienna as a German language lecturer and translator.
“The Bulgarians in Vienna” chronologically follows the history of the Bulgarian diaspora in Austria during the last 300 years. Particular emphasis is given to the role of Bulgarian emigration in the Austro-Hungarian Empire for our Liberation Movement at the end of the 19th century, the Bulgarian students in Vienna, and the importance of the Bulgarian gardeners-gurbets in Central Europe. In the last part, the presentation touches on the contemporary life of our compatriots in Vienna, the educational and cultural institutions and events organized by and for the nearly thirty thousand Bulgarians currently working and living in Austria.


5 OCTOBER, FRIDAY, 20 PM at Club TAM, 2, Marno Pole str.

Presentation and discussion with Björn Kuhligk and Jörg Gläscher