How can we work together in a democratic way? Are we ready to accept decisions made democratically? Do we trust our politicians? Do we have access to EU politicians and what are the ways to ease access? What do we know about our political system and how can we influence it? What do we know about our reach and our possibilities?

These questions will be tackled in this workshop, by doing so, the participants will share their perceptions of Europe and the European Union and form new visions. Together with a group of around 15 adolescents and young adults, we want to explore our own role in the structure of Europe in this workshop and find out how far our voices reach.

The idea is foster our understanding of democracy, participation and active citizenship in the EU and in Europe, through role-plays, discussions and through personal narratives and reflections on them.

Through the workshop, the young participants can improve and expand their language skills, meet new people, discover and deepen their own political knowledge. In doing so, common social structures and one’s own power to act are taken into consideration. The role of individuals in Bulgarian and European society will be examined.

The aim of the workshop days is the creation of a radio broadcast, which is to be transmitted on Bulgarian, German and Austrian radio stations. In this way, we will examine the role of the radio as a medium and improve our media competences.

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