Reinventing Role Models Exhibition 20th September 16:00 in the Canetti House

The “Reinventing Role Models” Exhibition will be opened on September 20th in the Canetti House. The exhibition is the result of a cultural educational project on the topic of role models implemented by the International Elias Canetti Society in August this summer.

During the course of a five-day long activity camp, 8 children between the ages of 10 and 12 engaged in different workshops and interactive exercises, addressing contemporary relevant social issues and identity. Simultaneously, they learned about inspiring people from the past and present who, in one way or another, helped to change the world for the better. They discussed values, stereotypes and what it is we expect from those we look up to. The kids then chose their very own role model, painted their portrait and wrote their story. The experiences and creations will be presented in the form of an art and photography exhibition, complemented by a panel discussion on the topic of “(Alternative) Cultural Education in Bulgaria” with our guests, representative of the cultural department Irena Markova, psychologist Petja Cheshmedzhieva and head of the Canetti Society Penka Angelova. The project was initiated and implemented by our Renata Gußmann project and cultural management trainee of the IECG.

Date: 20.09.2020

Time: 4pm

Location: „Slavyanska“ Straße 12 


 4pm: Exhibition opening and introductory words

5pm – 6.30pm: Panel discussion on the Topic of “(Alternative) Cultural Education in Bulgaria”  (with Penka Angelova, Petja Cheshmedzhieva, Irena Markova)

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