1 – 12 October
Canetti House, Canetti Blvd. 12 “Slavyanski”
Profit yielding building

The 16th edition of the International Literary Festival of Ruse, organized by the International Elias Canetti Society , starts on the Day of Music, October 1st. This year it is under the motto “The sleep of reason…”. “The Sleep of Reason gives birth to monsters” Francisco Goya called his most famous painting from the Caprichos cycle, created more than two centuries ago. This phrase, a warning of what man is capable of, still worries people today who look to the future. And the most sensitive – those who go beyond today and catch the vibrations in perspective – are the artists. Such people will be guests at this year’s festival. Writers nominated for the Elias Canetti Literary Prize 2023 will participate from Bulgaria. Waiting for the winner, they will read excerpts from the works selected by the jury. There will also be guest writers, artists, painters, photographers, musicians and translators from Austria, Bulgaria ,the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland and Romania. As every year, literature is the focus of the events, but also an integral part of the audiovisual spectacle THE EAR OF THE SAND MAN, for example. As well as the SCENE OF REFLECTION, which the authors define as “a performance – an address to the spirit of the times”. Three exhibitions will be opened during the festival. The programme is still in the process of completion, the nominees for the Elias Canetti Literary Award will be announced in mid-September. Details about the participants in the festival, what and where they will present, everyone can see on the website of the Elias Canetti Society, and it is easier to follow the link Literary Festival 2023 Program – Coming Soon! – International Elias Canetti Society .