The selection and nomination committee for the “Elias Canetti” National Literary Award 2023 is ready with the shortlist of nominees. They are:

• KOSTADIN KOSTADINOV, The Butterfly Hunter
• IVAN STANKOV, Late Death
• BURHAN KERIM, The Lavender Boy
• NIKOLAI TERZIYSKY, Stars Under the Eyelids
• JOANNA ELMI, Made of Guilt

The award winner will be only one and his name will be announced at a ceremony in Ruse on the eve of the Day of National Enlighteners. But everyone knows that the nominations are as important as the prize.

This year, 44 nominations were received, 43 of them in the fiction section and one in the drama section. The award was established by the Ruse Municipality and the International Elias Canetti Society in 2005 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Ruse-born novelist-nobelist Elias Canetti. It is awarded every two years in two categories.

The winner of the last edition of the competition in 2021 was Ivan Stankov with his book “Evening Wedding”.

All nominated authors will be invited to participate in the Literary Festival in Ruse!