In September, 23th to 25th 2011 the native town of Elias Canetti will become a meeting place for international authors and the Danube will unite different countries from the region. Great evening events in Ruse will give the start to the literary cruise Literature in Flux. From September 23th to October 26th writers, poets, translators, journalists and bloggers from ten different countries will set together on a cruise to Vienna. Ruse is the first port of the literary cruise, which will later pass through Cetate (Romania), Belgard and Novi Sad (Serbia), Vukovar (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria).

Literature in Flux will initiate a cross-border dialogue in the Danube region, unite the histories and people and enrich the intercultural diversity. The Danube river is a symbol of common history and culture, of a boundary which has been overcome at the end of East-West conflict. This autumn the Danube will be a stage for contemporary international literature. As part of the project new translation of literary text will be made in order to increase the popularity of the writers from the West Balkans and Turkey in the region and in Europe and to trigger cultural exchange. The translation workshops in June in Sremski Karlovci (Serbia) and in September in Vienna (Austria) have encouraged the collaboration between the authors and their translators and thus improved the quality of the translations.

In 2012 the second part of the project Literature in Flux – via Mare will take place, including literary readings and events in Croatia, Albania and Turkey. On this occasion a publication on the topics and experiences from the literary cruise will be presented.

Program of the Opening Events of „Literature in Flux“ in Ruse

Friday, September 23th 2011

5.30 pm Opening of the exhibition „Waiting for Europe“ by Frank Gaudlitz
Place: Central hall of „Dohodno zdanie“, Pl. Svoboda 4, Free entrance

7.00 pm Opening ceremony. Greetings by the town representatives and the Austrian ambassador Wolfgang Kutschera, opening speech of Penka Angelova (Chairperson of the International Elias Canetti Society)
Place: Boat „Rozhen“, Free entrance. You find the boat „Rozhen“ on the river walk behind Restaurant “Balkan Prinzess” on the quay Nr. 6.

8.00 pm Discussion „Cultures of remembrance and deconstruction of European national myths“
with Ivaila Alexandrova (Bulgaria), Frank Gaudlitz (Germany) and Ernst Wichner (Germany / Romania), moderator: Penka Angelova
Place: Boat „Rozhen“, Free entrance

9.30 pm Poets’ night
with Kristin Dimitrova (Bulgaria), Vladimir Martinovski (FYROM), Ernst Wichner (Germany / Romania) moderator: Penka Angelova
Place: Boat „Rozhen“, Free entrance

Saturday, September 24th 2011

6.00 pm Literary night
with Feridun Andaç (Turkey), Filip Florian (Romania), Iris Hanika (Germany), Angel Igov (Bulgaria), Nataša Kramberger (Slovenia) and Vladan Matijević (Serbia), Lukas Cejpjek (Austria)
Place: Boat „Rozhen“, Free entrance

Sunday, September 25th 2011

12.00 pm Departure of the ship „Rozhen“ from Ruse

Sponsors and partners

The main organizer of the project is the network of literature centres HALMA in cooperation with local partners. The project partners are the Elias Canetti Center , the Culture Port Cetate, the International Center for Literary Tranlators in Serbia, Udruga Kurs, the Hungarian Translators’ House, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bratislava und the Alte Schmiede in Vienna. The project is realized with the financial support of the European Commission and other sponsors: Robert Bosch Stiftung, Central European Initiative, Austrian Embassy Sofia, Visegrad Fund, Goethe Institut, JAK, Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa, European Cultural Foundation Budapest, Österreichisches Kulturforum Budapest, Forumul Cultural Austriac.