An artist, more precisely a visual artist. She paints with color and light, but also with a brush. She travels a lot. Works on several continents. She arrived in Ruse in early October as an artist in residency at the IECG. And immediately she started to discover the city. As she does during each of her wanderings. Explores architectural spaces. Scans colors and shapes to match them in their own way. She brings her installations in exhibition halls, but also in the public space. With images based on shapes, colors and graphics, Zora responds to the architectural structure and aesthetics of a space. Through color, light and clear geometric shapes, she communicates with the viewer. She creates an alternative and a new perception. The color palette is based on neon. She uses it to activate surfaces, turning them into a light source. She uses fluorescent tubes because she likes their aesthetics and their connection to public space. In her installations, she often combines wall paintings and light.

Zora Kreuzer likes Ruse, but also views the city as a subject of study – how colors and light are used, what architecture stands out in urban space. The result of the study will be an installation of light and color. We’ll see her at Canetti House on October 26th.

And another important “accessory” that Zora doesn’t want us from missing. Again on this date and at the same place – barbecue, wurst (sausage) and beer.