9th February, Sunday, 13h.

International Elias Canetti Society at  ‘The Library’ on BNT1

The new year for the Society, the publishing house, as well as for the Austrian Library, all named after the Nobel laureate, will be the topic of conversation in the BNT1 series ‘The Library’. Thomas Gebauer and Ilija Trojanow are the authors of a serious study, which is about to be published, titled “Help? Help! ”. We will talk about it, but also about other books that deserve the reader’s attention.

“Possible Worlds” is the motto of the 13th edition of the International Literature Festival Ruse with international participation in October. Preparations for it have already begun. How are the participants selected? All questions about the upcoming events will be answered by Prof. Dr. Sc. Penka Angelova – Chairwoman of the IECS.

You can watch the interview on Sunday, 9th February at 13h on BNT1.