For the Ladino language in 14 stories of Sephardic Jews in Bugaria

This is what the Riva Publishing House and the author of the book “Kaleidoscope of Identities” – Leah Davcheva, PhD, presented and discussed with the audience at the Canetti House on 21 June. According to Davcheva, the idea for the book was born during a mountain hike about ten years ago, where she met a good friend. Outside the topic of their conversation, the friend asked her if she spoke the Ladin language. He had never heard her talk about her Sephardic background and even thought she was hiding it, which, as she mentioned during the book presentation at Canetti House, was not true. She had no intention whatsoever of hiding her background or not talking about it, and this statement came as a surprise, which gave her the idea for the extensive research and her product – “Kaleidoscope of Identities”.
The presentation of the book at the Canetti House also had a symbolic meaning, as it took place in the year that marked the 40th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature to the Ruse-born world citizen Elias Canetti.
Among the participants was prof. Venzislav Bozhinov, the editor of the book and an active speaker during the presentation. The moderator of the lecture was prof. Penka Angelova, PhD, President of the International “Elias Canetti” Society in Ruse.