On October 9th the festival ended. As a finale – four events in morning and evening program. At 11.00 children of all ages, as well as parents without age restrictions, were able to meet the curious stories of the cat Silver, found in the village and raised in the city by Maya and Alex. And because author YAVOR TSANEV is a good horror storyteller, SILVER AND THE VAMPIRES is a book full of scary adventures. The novel is included in the prestigious WHITE RAVENS publishing catalogue of the Munich International Children’s and Young Adult Library. The scary stories continue next with the novel “ZLOSTORI“. An old, empty house at midnight glows with mysterious lights. The Hissing House. Who is he? The answer awaited the audience on a crisp and sunny Sunday morning.

The evening program started at 6 pm. “REWIND” is the latest novel by PETER DENCHEV. Equally good as a writer and a theatre director, he is not just a teller of interesting stories, but their stager. He places his characters in an environment that is not always comfortable for them, assigns them a life that they consider unfair and asks fate to give them more. Such is the heroine of “REWIND”. Aged and endlessly dissatisfied with her place among others, the writer gives her a chance to change that, to move on with her life in a new, younger body. The reader goes along with the reborn into this new beginning to discover her own dissatisfaction with life and the realities of yesterday and today. “In a way I know the city, even one of my novels is partly set in Ruse. Along with that, I know the attitudes of the theatre audience as well as the literary audience, because other books of mine have been presented over the years. I look forward to seeing old familiar faces, but also new ones. I am looking forward to hearing what those who have read the book think.” And the audience is guaranteed unexpected things because he usually tells different stories and doesn’t like to repeat himself.

The finale of the festival was set by IVAILA ALEXANDROVA with “Case №585. Inquiry on a shooting“. The book is not out of print yet and in this sense to hear first pages from it and discuss with the author is a real chance. This is a documentary book about the murder of Vaptsarov, but also about the whole case №585, the details of which remain unknown for 80 years. On July 23, 1942, at 9.10 pm , six people were executed in the tunnels of the firing range at the Military Arsenal in Sofia. Among those condemned was Nikola Vaptsarov, one of the greatest Bulgarian poets of the 20th century. The full story, which is based on hundreds of documents, will appear in 800 pages. At 7 p.m. on Sunday, the festival audience could hear the author’s selections for the first time.