10th October

Canetti House

Start: 18:00

Perspectives on theatre from the point of view of two researchers is the focus of the tenth evening of the festival. Peter Denchev is up first with “The Use and Function of Space in Theatre Performance (1968 to the Present)”. “I imagine it will be interesting for many because space is also a philosophical category and theatre is a very social art that depends on context. In the period before 1989 it was highly ideologized and connected to immediate political processes – says the author in a special interview for the festival, which you can read here https://eliascanetti.org/2023/10/09/intervyu-s-petar-denchev-2/. There is also a “trace of Ruse” in the book – famous director-scenographer tandems. Who are they? The answer comes in the first part of the evening. Doctor of theatre studies and theatre art Peter Denchev, writer and director, is a name familiar to Ruse connoisseurs of both literature and theatre. His productions of “Medea”, “Twelfth Night” and “Choir” are unforgettable, and his latest novel “Rewind” became one of the highlights of the festival last year

A little more than an hour later, the program continues with the paper “Portraits of Evil”, which is part of Hristo Raqanov‘s dissertation “The Hero-Villain – Between the Artistic Image and the Narrative Functionality”. The practical dimension of the paper, namely portraits, will be represented by an analysis of some of the most iconic villains in literature and cinema – the Devil, Dracula, Professor Moriarty and Captain Hook. The texts in which the four first appear, as well as the screen adaptations, will provide a clear insight into the different mechanisms used in the creation of vivid, multi-layered characters in literature and film.


All this at Canetti House. Admission is free, and guests can buy books by festival participants at a discount made available by the publishers.