Civil Education

The out-of-school Civic Education in Bulgaria is available only in detached and sporadic cases. It lacks an entire concept and strategic orientation. There is an indesputable necessity of a non-formal education which provides all age groups with the necessary competences, abilities and knowledge. Only through successful civic education can all the citizens become active and responsible people with free will, who can strengthen the civil societies in their countries. It guarantees also the success of modern-day democrasies which rests upon the participation of all the citizens in the social processes.

The International Elias Canetti Society makes it its aim to popularize the work field Civic Education in Ruse while offering an independant platform for dialogue and exchange where citizens can receive knowledge on political and social topics, build theit own point of view and practise solidarity, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity and participation. In its educational praxis The International Elias Canetti Society follows internationally acknowledged didactic principles and methodological experience, which are conveyed by professionalists. All sitizens of Ruse with no exceptions are a target group for our work.