The writer from Germany Sudabeh Mohafez was our guest in Ruse as a participant in the project “Journey Across Europe”. On the 4th of November 2011 from 6:00 pm she presented excerpts from her novel “brennt” (“burns”) on a literary reading at the Austrian library in “Dohodno zdanie”, Ruse. Sudabeh Mohafez was the last of the three authors who were guests of the International Elias Canetti Society as part of the project.

Sudabeh Mohafez has lived in Teheran, Berlin and Lisboa and for the last few years she lives in Stuttgart. She has studied Music, Anglistics and Educational Sciences. For long years she has been working in the spheres of violence prevention and crisis intervention. Sudabeh Mohafez has received numerous literature prizes and scholarschips, from the summer semester of 2007 she is an associate professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden (Hochschule RheinMain) and in 2008 was nominated for the Bachmann Prize. In February 2010 her novel “brennt” (published by DuMont) and “The Ten-Lines Book” (Edition Azur) came out.

The International Elias Canetti Society is a partner of “Journey Across Europe”. Four authors head on a journey with the task to draw an up-to-date map of the European cultural space. “Across Europe” draws a geographical and ideological line through this cultural space on the basis of which it developes the topic of the social and political transformation processes. Each of the authors stays with the partners on a one-month working visit in three different cities and writes one text for each visit. The works will be translated in the languages of the partner countries and published in a book.

Photos by Tihomir Stoitchkov.