Opening of the exhibition “Environment, Conflict and Cooperation” and film screening “Taste the Waste”

June 26th
18:00, Canetti House

On June 26th, the series “For the Future” starts with several events in Ruse, initiated by the German Embassy in Sofia. In Canetti House the multimedia exhibition “Environment, Conflict and Cooperation” will be opened at 18.00. In this exhibition visitors can find out what their tablets have to do with the civil war in Angola. At 19.00 starts the screening of the movie „Taste the Waste“. This award-winning documentary by the German director Valentin Thurn shocks the viewer with pictures showing the extent of food waste and the daily waste of good food, which lands on the dump. In addition, the film shows the connection between the widespread food waste and Climate Change.

The exhibition and the film are with Bulgarian translation.

The events take place in the context of the Festival for Current Urban Culture “Аз, Градът 2015”.

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