With the presentation of the documentary exhibition “The Global Dimension” and the collection of essays of the same name, the International Elias Canetti Society participates in the European Days of Jewish Culture, which begin on September 6th . This will take place on September 10th in the marble lobby of the Sofia Library from 5:30pm. The “Global Dimension” in both forms is the result of a study about the contribution of Bulgarian Jews to world science, art and culture, as well as to public life. Living outside of Bulgaria, they achieve remarkable results in the fields in which they work. Most of the names are well known. The merit of the Bulgarian Jews to show the best of our country, sadly, remains poorly studied still. This is due to the fact that they are not always perceived as representatives of another ethnic group. Dora Gabe and Pancho Vladigerov, Grisha Ostrovski and Boyan Danovski – these names, as well as many others, have become an institution, a school where nothing suggests any ethnicity. With essays and pictures from the lives of nearly 40 people, the “Global Dimension” brings together people and entire families in a book and exhibition in an impressive relationship. Alexis Weissenberg was a student of Pancho Vladigerov, he considers him his father – spiritual and artistic. As a student, Dora Gabe lived in the Vladigerov family in Shumen, and Grisha Ostrovski was in the theater studio of Boyan Danovski and in the Experimental Theater of Stefan Sarchadjiev. This creates new generations who take what they have learned and develop it thanks to their talent.

The guests of the event will have the opportunity to view the exhibition, talk to some of the authors of the essays and buy the collection. The International Elias Canetti Society will also show part of the exhibition of the National Library of Israel in a virtual version. The materials for the exhibition were provided to the International Elias Canetti Society by the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ), which will include the Bulgarian event in the European Days of Jewish Culture.