The exhibition “Reinventing role models” will be presented on September 20th at Canetti House. It is the result of a cultural and educational project, the idea of which was conceptualized by Ms. Renata Gussmann, Erasmus+ intern at the International “Elias Canetti” Society. 

The project was realized in August 2020. During a five-day camp, 8 children aged between 10 and 12 years, participated in various seminars and interactive exercises, dealing with contemporary social issues and the questions of the identity. At the same time with this they became acquainted with examples from the lives of people who have in one way or another helped move the world in a better direction. 

This was the basis on which they set out to discuss their views on values, stereotypes and what they expect from those they look up to. As a result of the discussions, the children chose their own role model, painted his/her portrait and wrote their story about it. Who are these people and how do children from Ruse see them can be seen in their paintings in an exhibition, which will be complemented by a discussion on “Alternative cultural education in Bulgaria – experience, directions and perspective”. 

The discussion will specifically target the situation in Ruse, Bulgaria, and questions will be answered by Prof. Penka Angelova, Chairman of the Board of IECS, together with psychologist Petya Cheshmedzhieva.

Date: 20.09.20, Sunday

Time: 4 PM

Place: Canetti House at 12 Slavyanski Blvd.



4 PM: Opening of the exhibition

5 – 6:30 PM: Panel discussion on the topic “Alternative cultural education in Bulgaria – experience, directions and perspective”


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