We continued writing the “ear witness” of Elias Canetti (2015-2018)

The project to continue writing the “ear witness” of Elias Canetti (2015-2018) was carried out by the International Elias Canetti Society and supported by the “Ruse Free Spirit City” foundation and through private donations.

The participants had the opportunity to develop their own characters, 52 of which were included in a collection. Authors from different countries who wrote in German, Bulgarian, and English took part in the project.

“The ear witness” –  is how Elias Canetti calls one of his characters and at the same time, it is the title for his collection of 50 character portraits, each of which is about a page long and surprises the reader again and again in its own way, so that you get the urge to come up with characters like that yourself.

The resulting book pays homage to Elias Canetti, who inspires his readers and gives them new perspectives on the world and those around them.

Special thanks to all authors, the Hanser Verlag and Johanna Canetti, daughter of Elias Canetti, for the opportunity to use the selected characters by Elias Canetti free of charge for the project’s website!