Voices of Europe – Workshop on Democracy and Participation

An essential focus of the International Elias Canetti Society is political education for young people and young adults. In view of the European elections, the IECG organized political workshops and lectures in order to highlight the responsibility of civil society as a corrective and to educate citizens in a responsible manner. Accordingly, the workshops held between February and April were dedicated to the topics of democracy and participation. The IECG’s cultural manager Viktor Kirilov together with Erasmus+ intern Hannah Wolf took over the conceptual and organizational management.

The workshops, under the title “UNSER EUROPA – Voices of Europe“, pursued the aim of producing radio reports on the topic of the role of the individual in Europe and the EU. These workshops took place in groups of 15-20 teenagers and young adults. Schoolchildren from different schools, students, and Erasmus participants were involved. In cooperation with journalists from Ruse, the participants expanded their media and teamwork skills and produced radio reports on the topics: “Europe and Citizenship”, “Formulating Visions for Europe and Nationality” and “Cultural Identity”. The contributions were broadcast on regional radio.

Partner institutions: Goethe-Institut Sofia, University of Ruse, City of Ruse, schools in Ruse: “Elias Canetti” high school of economics, “Friedrich Schiller” German language school.