The evening will begin with “Thomas Mann’s Coat”. If Goethe shows the relationship between the scientist eager for a great political career and the devil, and Mann the price of genius of a great composer, then from this book we can understand that the price of a tailored coat can also be genius. And to achieve that work of genius almost always requires outside help. From the devil? It can. But it can also come from elsewhere. This novel attempts to fill the supernatural adventures of sewing a coat with the required measure of genius so that it seeks help from the story of another coat, the coat of a Hungarian child. Such a mystery was solved by the Hungarian Istvan Voros. He has been a freelance writer since 2023, but he is also a university professor and one of the initiators of Hungary’s first university creative writing course. The meeting with him starts at 18.00.

Right after, there will be a surprise for both the audience and prof. Sashko Nasev. At 19.00 it will become clear what it’s going to be. The bright writer from North Macedonia visited the festival last year with his first book translated into Bulgarian “Encounters with the Devil”. A story intriguing enough for him to be invited back to present “Drama Lost in Time”. This is a play in which two actors perform their last dance on the stage of their lives. A dance of love, desire, feelings, faith in each other. A dance we are all in. And it is always danced by two! The important thing is that we are not alone! Texts from the play will be read by the actors from the “Sava Ognqanov” Theatre Qasena Gospodinova and Ivailo Draganov. Those who missed the meeting with Sashko Nasev last year should know that he is a professor of dramaturgy and script in Skopie. He graduated in Literature and Dramaturgy, has a Master’s degree in German Philosophy, and as a PhD – in American Philosophy. His dramas and literature have been translated into 12 languages and his plays (23 in number) have been staged in Macedonian and foreign theatres. He has won international awards, participated in many festivals and collaborated with foreign universities. He is the director of the Cultural Information Centre of Northern Macedonia in Sofia. Married to Nada and father of Nase and Gala. All of this today, at Canetti House at 18.00.