October 6th, Friday

Start: 18:00 

Canetti House 

On the sixth day, the festival begins with the opening of the “Natural Space” exhibition. Nature as a place of yearning for a biblically pristine, paradisiacal state and at the same time a place of danger and extreme challenges is her focus. The exhibition is a continuation of two others. In 2021, the central theme is the “Garden” as a corner of longing, and in 2022 the exhibition NATURE, SPACE, GARDEN will follow in the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Dom Wittgenstein in Vienna. “Natural space” is the third and is already arranged in  Canetti House.

The Austrian part of the evening continues at 19.00 with Marianne Gruber. She comes to Ruse with fragments from her still unpublished book of memories. A writer with a remarkable creative biography, Marianne Gruber devotes much of her time to discovering new artists and giving them the opportunity to express themselves. Moderator of her presentation is Vladimir Shumelov – one of the organizers of the literary life in the city of Veliko Tarnovo in recent decades.

At 20.00 the meeting with Nikolai Terzijski – one of the seven nominated authors for the National Literary Award “Elias Canetti” begins. Zdravka Evtimova does not hide her admiration for his novel “Stars under the eyelids”: “There is wisdom and sparkling talent in this book. There is hope. This is a novel about time and its most beautiful, scariest and at the same time happiest dimension – love.” Nikolai Terzijski goes to his meeting with the public in Ruse with anticipation: “Compare people on a bus, going to work, bumping into each other, staring at their phones, and people at a literary meeting, talking, discussing ideas, dreams, love , immortality, people whose thoughts make the air glow. I have seen this radiant air many times, at meetings with readers. And I am sure that at the literary festival in Ruse, we will all be charged with this glow, in order to give birth not to monsters, but to people.” Journalist Mladen Lubenov will be the moderator of this meeting.

All this will happen at Canetti House starting at 18.00.