11.10. 2023, Canetti House



He is a writer, translator and literary critic. He works for ORF and Bayerischer Rundfunk; he is a lecturer at various Austrian universities. He translates prose, poetry and drama from Lithuanian. “I am coming to the Literature Festival to present my “self-portrait with Elias Canetti” and some chapters from my book “Without reading life would be a mistake”. It is a personal reading of different writers and poets. As I am Austrian, I will put forward my thoughts on Austrian authors,” says Cornelius Hell, who is also curious to see the city of Elias Canetti and meet other participants in the festival.

From Meister Eckhart to Elfriede Gerstl, the book brings together thirty biographies that ignite and revive diversity in literature. Effortlessly and hilariously, Cornelius Hell guides us through his personal literary history. Over the course of several years, numerous short essays have appeared in the “Thoughts for the Day” series, providing insight into the authors’ lives and work. They all have one thing in common – a confession of a love of reading. To read is to immerse oneself in alien worlds, to engage with the past or the present. Reading broadens one’s horizons in many ways. Through reading, foreign people, cultures, and long-gone events can enter our everyday lives, but in a good book, one also finds oneself again. Reading means letting yourself be enchanted by words, sentences, images.

With this intention, Cornelius Hall defines tonight’s audience meeting in Rousse at 18:00 at the Canetti House.