FRIDAY, October 13th

20.00 at Canetti House

Although not announced in the program, the finale of the festival is on the fatal for some Friday the 13th. But not for Vesna Kusleska from North Macedonia, who won this year’s International “Elias Canetti” Society scholarship, arrived in Ruse and has already been working on her idea for a play entitled “The Art of Not Sharing” for a month. Parts of it will be performed on Friday by non-professional (native talents) actors under the direction of Vesna. “As a writer of both screenplays and plays, my artistic practice revolves around the craft of storytelling through writing, as well as exploring human character through dialogue. In my screenplays, I focus on creating characters – unique individuals with motivations and backstories who are able to move the narrative forward and engage the audience’s attention” – this is how Vesna Kuleska gives direction to what is to come. The logo of the scholarship “Sharing future” suggests her idea. The plot revolves around three people – a writer, a photographer and a sculptor – who are looking for inspiration for their work. They have a common interest in the topic “Shared Future”, try to find a common language and work together. But actually they seem to be in direct competition with each other and refuse to share anything. As the play progresses, we learn about the unique vision and artistic process of each of the characters. That’s the intrigue for now, how will it continue expect on Friday, the 13th, at 20:00 at Canetti House.