Residency Scholarship “Sharing Future”

Each year the International Elias Canetti Society, with the support of the Danube Rectors’ Conference (DRC), offers the opportunity for a scholarship in Ruse. Bulgaria – Artist in Residence Scholarship “Sharing Future”.

It is aimed at artists from all over Europe and thus promotes international dialogue, artistic exchange and at the same time offers an insight into the artistic diversity of the European continent. We welcome painters, photographers, writers, performance artists, translators, filmmakers and musicians, whilst the project applications could deal with any kind of alternative art. The guiding principle of the scholarship – Sharing Future – relates to participation in and cooperation for a common Europe and a common future.

The scholarship is advertised for one month a year. During this time, the scholarship holder can work artistically for one month undisturbed and use the historic Canetti House as a place of work with various possibilities for artistic expression. Thanks to this experience, the scholarship holder has the opportunity to get to know the local cultural scene in Ruse and Bulgaria and to use and artistically implement the resulting synergies. Following the residency period, the scholarship holder will present the fruits of their creativity as part of a cultural event in the Canetti House, in which the local public can participate.