The IECS was awarded for its “active role in the preservation, development, and promotion of the spiritual and literary heritage of the Nobel Prize winner Elias Canetti, born in Ruse”. The award was presented to the creative team of the Society, as well as for the tireless work of its chairman prof. Penka Angelova. Since the day of its foundation 30 years ago, she has kept the legacy of Elias Canetti alive and continues to search for his “heirs” in Bulgarian and European literature. For 14 consecutive years, the International Literature Festival of Ruse has welcomed authors from different countries and presented new trends through their work. And they often come to admire Canetti’s city, to which they always find a reason to return. This year is the 15th edition of the Festival with a new “Breath of Europe”. Its home will once again be Canetti House. The creative team of the IECS has a strong wish. And it is – the commitment of the local and state authorities to this House to come forward to make it a true place for the legacy of the only Nobel Laureate born in Bulgaria.

Congratulations on our award!

Happy 24th of May!