Book Presentation: Peter Wawerzinek’s Bad Love 2

The international Elias Canetti Society and Elias Canetti Publishing House organize a presentation of Peter Wawerzinek’s book Bad Love on December, 7th 2015 from 5 p.m. at the Austrian Library. For the presentation the author will read a short excerpt of his book in German language. The international Elias Canetti Society and Elias Canetti Publishing More...

June 17th, 2016|

March: International movie subtitle workshop in Ruse

A workshop about movie subtitles was organized for university students. “Polar”, the 29-minute film by Michal Koh was chosen for the seminar. The translations were supervised by Franziska Sleier, teacher at Robert Bosh Foundation and Goethe Institute and by Gabriele Timann, a DAAD lecturer in the University of Veliko Tarnovo. Read more...

March 15th, 2010|

February-April: SouthEast 24-7 Photo Marathon

Ten pictures in seven cities taken in 24 hours: this was the aim of the SouthEast 24-7 photo marathon, in which the citizen of Banja Luka, Osijek, Pécs, Pristina, Ruse, Sibiu and Skopje took part. The winning photos were presented on exhibitions in these cities and published as post cards.

February 4th, 2010|

February: German-Spanish translator is guest of Canetti Society

Claudia Barico, scholarship holder of the Robert Bosch foundation, came to Ruse for the translation of the novel “Apostoloff” by Sibylle Lewitscharoff. He has already translated several German authors such as Hanna Arendt and Bertolt Brecht in Spanish.

February 4th, 2010|

February: „What I see is what happens “: Photo seminar in the Canetti Society

The Elias Canetti Society invited young artists for a photo-seminar. The only condition was the availability of a camera, desire and inspiration. The seminar was managed by Yavor Sedyankov, a freelance professional photographer with experience in journalistic photography and participant in number of contests and exhibitions.

February 1st, 2010|

January: Discussion about Romanian-Bulgarian relationship

„Bulgarians and Romanians – partners or neighbours with their back turned to each other?” was the title of the discussion, that was organized in the Austrian library. The main was the historical development of the Bulgarian-Romanian relationship. Different factors that might hinder the relationship were analyzed, as well as those, that can be seen as More...

January 4th, 2010|

January-February: Bulgarian history in the Austrian library

The recent bulgarian history was the focus of two bookpresentations in January and February. ‘Prijatel na Franzija‘ (‘Friend of France‘) from Kercho Georgiev is a book on socialism. The author was born in the 1930s and in the age of 13 he has been accused of organizing a sabotage group against the regime. This marked More...

January 4th, 2010|

2011-2012: “Journey Across Europe” – A literary journey through Europe

The International Elias Canetti Society was a partner of "Across Europe", a large-scale two year literary project. Four writers were sent on a journey throughout Europe with the task to draw an up-to-date map of the European cultural space. "Across Europe" drew a geographic and ideollogic line through this cultural space and posed questions regarding More...

January 2nd, 2010|

Democracy as a façade? Bulgaria and Germany 20 years after the turnaround


October 29th, 2009|

Summer tour of the children’s nature club of the International Elias Canetti Society


September 1st, 2009|