of the Literature festival opened with a shared exhibition of artists Irena Parashkevova and Rumen Mihailov. Two unique interpretations on the subject of borders, were situated on two different floors. And so as not to tell what the artists wanted to say with their paintings, come to Canetti House to see for yourself. The three floors of Canetti House already have their own voice – the paintings.

The graphics of Zygmunt Januszewski will remain there until the end of the Festival. The readings continued on the background of the artworks.Tsvetanka Elenkova’s poems have no analogue, or at least for the less enlightened ones in poetry. It’s not hard to think of prose as the melody of poetry. The texts of the Seventh Gesture II, unbound by their genre, are striking in their categorical character and fully cover the definition of “spatial poetry.”

This is how Tsvetanka Elenkova, who writes but also translates from several languages into Bulgarian, sounded. She only translates what suits her values. She doesn’t like to work for the sake of working. The publishing house, which she manages shares the same values.

The finishing touches on the second day were made by Dorothea Dieckmann and her “Journey through Harz”. Harz is a mountain full of history, mythology and politics. A wall passes through it, not as visible as the Berlin one, but with an equal role in the madness of division. Mrs. Dieckmann was asked whether she was the actual image behind her heroine, who, 40 years later, sought out her father, both of them then separated by the wall. The answer was yes, but not as an autobiography, but a story of parting, death and searching in the past.

At the end of the second evening, the audience had just about satisfied its artistic hunger, but then our next author came with “desserts” and sparked their interest anew. Prof. Ivan Stankov, a star in contemporary Bulgarian literature keeps our city, Ruse, in a special place in his heart. He graduated from the English high school in the city, and the bonds he created back then and managed to preserve, rewarded him with respect and admiration when he read the whole of “Names in the Snow” a part of the book of the same name. The book itself quickly disappeared from the sales stand, and the author gave autographs for a long time. Like a real star.

That‘s how the activities on the second day unfolded and the third begins on October 13, the at 15.00. where:

Authors from Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, France will participate. We will watch the movie “Returning the Borders“, which tells the story of an incredible historical twist. The movie is with Bulgarian subtitles.

ФЕСТИВАЛЪТ ИЗПРАТИ СВОЯДЕН ВТОРИ ? с откриването на една споделена изложба между Ирена Парашкевова и Румен…

Публикувахте от Elias Canetti в Неделя, 13 октомври 2019 г.

We invite you to watch a short video by Nicolas Pannetier, in which our guest introduces himself and his work HERE!