Art and culture

The main activities of the department are the organization and realization of different art and cultural events, as well as the integration of artists, art managers and others occupied in the cultural sphere in a network on an European scale.

The International Elias Canetti Society is not only promoting contemporary Bulgarian art but is also a promoter of German language art and culture. We encourage the opening of different art stages to each other through the exchange of artists and people working in the sphere of culture. Entirely in the spirit of the cosmopolitan Elias Canetti, nationality plays no part in the planning of various activities and in the foreground is only the quality of the artistic debate. We regard cultural diversity as a merit which should be used as a valuable resource. An important part of our work is the creation of a cultural network, since networks are of great importance for the exchange and for the mutual support. Our programme is dedicated to the whole range of creative formats – from readings to the experimental performance and this pluralism reflects the cultural diversity of European art and culture. The range of events the International Elias Canetti Society stages in Ruse are a popular alternative in the cultural programme of the town. It illustrates our intention to pose a challenge to the establisched worldview and to raise a discussion over contemporary art.

Our aim is to make it possible for more people to participate in the cultural events, to raise a dialog over contemporary art in the Bulgarian society and to attract an audience from new target groups. On this background our approach to making art popular follows the current tendencies in the field.
Our approach is based on cooperation and thus the meeting point with the Civic Education and Science Departments arises. That is why common transdisciplinary projects with the participation of different departments are realized.

The Art and Culture Department of the International Elias Canetti Society is headed by the Culture Manager.