The number of this year’s candidates is an achievement in itself: Last year, when the first Residence Scholarship 2019 was won by artist and visual artist Zora Kreuzer, there were less than ten candidates. This year, an international jury will choose one from all forty-five candidates from four continents and their project ideas. Most of them have a permanent address, which they often change because of the work that takes them to different countries around the world. And most of the candidates who define themselves as “visual artists” are also painters, musicians, writers, translators, photographers and dancers. The scholarship holder will live in Ruse for one month and work on their project idea. His or her “office” will be Canetti House, where he or she will present the results of his or her work by the end of the scholarship period. The scholarship is worth 1,500 euros and is kindly provided by the Conference of Danube Rectors. The IECS hosts the Scholarship program with all the commitments arising from this role. Most of the proposed projects have serious potential, which is a challenge for the jury to choose only one of them. The name of the 2020 scholarship holder will become clear in early May, and when he/she will set foot in Ruse depends on the development of the pandemic.