Dear applicants, dear friends,

We would like to sincerely thank you for your interest and applications for the Residence scholarship 2020 – Sharing Future!

The decision on the winner of the scholarship was made by a four-member board of trustees of the Elias Canetti Society and the Danube Rectors‘ Conference. The exact composition of the Board of Trustees was as follows:

Mr. Sebastian Schäffer – Secretary General of the Danube Rectors‘ Conference (our sponsor)

Prof. Dr. sc. Penka Angelova  Chairperson of the IECS

Ms. Elena Velikova – Director of Ruse Art Gallery

Detelina Kamenova Deputy Cultural Manager

The artist chosen for receiving the scholarship, was selected on the 1st of May from among all the people who applied until then. The period in which the winner can receive the scholarship starts from May until December 2020 for one month, and it depends on the winner of the scholarship to decide exactly when within this time frame to have his/her one month residency but since the International Literature festival 2020 Ruse starts in October, it would be preferable for us if the residency is held during October.

Best wishes,

The IECG team