Zlatko Enev has been living in Germany for 20 years, where he works and lives with his family. His life changed dramatically when Lea Eneva, his daughter, was born and diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. “Praise for Hans Asperger” is a first-person narrative, documentary and a cruel, narrow walk of a parent between the fine lines of denial and acceptance of the truth about the child being “different”. The book, with its at times shocking frankness, shows the author’s desire to share their misfortune in order to achieve catharsis. It is also a dialogue in absentia with parents of children on the autism spectrum so that they could learn from and not repeat the author’s experiences and later mistakes. The meeting with Zlatko Enev is expected at 6 PM.

The town of K., which at one point became Y, is the stage and its inhabitants and newcomers are the actors in Hristo Karastoyanov’s “Kukuvicha prejda” or “Teufelszwirn”.

The author describes politics as well as the management of the workday for numerous characters with different occupations and different beliefs. The events date back to a troubled period for Bulgaria – (1920-1923), when the government of the Bulgarian Agrarian Union was far from the notions of democratic government.

Hristo Karastoyanov chooses the role of a naive historian in the story and does not stray from it for a moment. With irony, humor, satire, grotesque and absurd, with fictional and real characters of the time, life really happens like tangled in Teufelszwirn. The meeting with the two authors is on Tuesday from 18h00 to 20h00.

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