November 8, Sunday ??✨

4 PM

Drama Theatre Ruse “Sava Ognyanov” ???

Zdravka Evtimova is coming to Ruse at the invitation of the International “Elias Canetti” Society. Her visit was scheduled for the last day of the Literature Festival, when it was postponed, and is now becoming a kind of sequel. Zdravka Evtimova’s unique prose has been read in countries where Bulgarian, English, French, German and Russian are spoken. It is not about translations, but about originals, because she herself speaks and writes in those languages. “I write in English first. I am unknown in the English-speaking countries and I can publish everything I want. ”- says in an interview the writer with a unique style in Bulgarian prose. In 2015, Zdravka Evtimova’s short story “Blood from a Mole” was included in English textbooks for the high school course in Denmark. In January 2019, the same story became part of a textbook for teaching literature class for junior high schools in the United States. She was born in Pernik, where she continues to live now. The many awards for literature she receives are more with a foreign address than with a Bulgarian one. On November 8 in Ruse Zdravka Evtimova will read excerpts from the collection “July Stories”. It was published in 2017. and became the most read book by Bulgarian and foreign authors in the Sofia City Library.

After the meeting with Zdravka Evtimova there will be another one. For the second time Momchil Mihailov – Momo will present his vision of Hong Kong with authentic sound recorded on local streets and live music.