Youth in Europe – yesterday, today, tomorrow is an opportunity for people of different ages to see life through the eyes of the youngest. Life as a shared experience of people of different generations. The first of the three parts of the project goes back decades in time to show the excitement of already grown up fans of cinema, who were at one point also young. Day one of the activities, March the 28th, was dedicated to Group “Rusefilm”. They have kept in their archives films made by their members since founding, a small part of which were shown at an online screening with discussion on March 28. The earliest of them were created in the 70s of the last century.

The second day of the events took place on the 12th of April. Youngsters had the floor to present their own short films, translated to Bulgarian and selected from the Créajeune competitions in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Young people from France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg participated, and the topics ranged from friendship, love, migration, sense of belonging to the connection between different generations. The film screening and discussion took place offline, in compliance with the distance rules, and with online connections from all over Europe.

The 9th of May, Day three of the activities, is reserved for the 12-15 old youngsters. It will be a three-part workshop, and the idea is to present cinema as an art and as a dynamically changing environment. There will be screenings of films from the dawn of cinema in the Minute Lumière style. The youngsters will then receive guidelines for creating their own short film. Part three will be a projection of these creations.

The workshop will be led by representatives of Arte Urbana Collectif, Sofia and the initiator and organizer of the project “Youth in Europe – yesterday, today, tomorrow” – our colleague at the IECS, Ms. Louisa van Baal.