A family, a boat, a river – a sensual and geopoetic journey from the source to the mouth of the Danube

On May 2, the four-member crew of the Amorados set out from Strasbourg, France, with the goal of reaching the delta of the Danube via the Rhine, the Main and the Main-Danube Canal by the end of August 2021. But the real destination is the journey itself through the 10 states that the Danube flows through or borders, and the encounter with the river and its people.

The crew consists of the artist collective Des Chateaux en l’Air, Ramona Poenaru & Gaël Chaillat, and their children Dora & Amos. River kilometer by river kilometer, the family wants to get to know the river and its people.

The family records their experiences in their online logbook. Two films are created from the impressions and encounters: One from the perspective of the adults and one from the perspective of the two children. The films will be growing over the course of the trip. At their stop in Ruse, the films will be screened at the Canetti House. In addition, the family would like to get into an exchange with the people in Ruse during their stop.

We are looking forward to welcoming the family in Ruse at the end of July / beginning of August. Until then, we encourage you to take a look at the logbook or get active yourself: Take a selfie of yourself with your favorite river kilometer sign and send it to pk@danubia.org. Only the first photo per sign will be published. Challenge accepted!