On the evening of 29.06., a specially planned concert to celebrate the International Danube Day took place on one of the stages at the pier in Ruse. The main actors of the celebration were two-man orchestra – Nikolay Ivanov OM and Peter Jordanov Buny (from the band “Oratnitsa”) and Marcus Rust, a German musician who was invited as a special guest for the event. Together with the guests of the event and the gathered audience from all over the pier, through music and sound in numerous and different melodies and rhythms, the last rays of the sun and the setting sun itself met and said goodbye as it slowly sank into the horizon. A “Danube sunset”, with most of the pieces specially selected and arranged for the occasion. On the banks of the river, the musicians recreated the powerful vibration of the water and the harmony of nature. There was something magical about the whole experience, which even passers-by could not simply pass by.

Photo: Богданка Хиткова