14th February 2022, 19:00 o‘clock, House Canetti (Slavyansky 12, 7000 Ruse)

Free admission

We want you to experience what it means when electricity does not come out of the socket, but has to be generated with one’s own muscle power. Hardly anyone has a feeling for electrical power. What does it mean to generate 100 watts permanently (e.g. for one hour)?

We will ride a bicycle and thereby generate energy together for a film screening. Various Bulgarian and international short films will be shown, both animation and feature films of different genres. Among them are small animated films by the Ruse Film Group as well as the award-winning short film “Как да надебелеем здравословно” by Kevork Aslanyan (2015). The films last about an hour in total. They are suitable for everyone aged 12 and over.

Admission is free.

The films will be shown in Bulgarian with English subtitles. Green certificate required. You are welcome to bring your own bike if you have one!

How does a bicycle cinema work?

The idea is to make the film screening independent of external power supply. We use bicycles and our muscle power to generate our own electricity. During the screening, 10 people will ride on 10 bikes at the same time. How long each person rides is up to them – you can swap at any time! The bicycles are clamped in a frame and do not move from the spot. The rear wheel drives a generator that feeds a storage unit. This supplies the laptop, beamer and sound equipment with a constant current. In addition to the film, the screen also shows an energy display that indicates for each bicycle whether it needs to be pedalled more or less quickly. (Figure: Solare Zukunft e.V. )

Trailer for the short film “How to get fat healthily” (“Как да надебелеем здравословно”) by Kevork Aslanyan, 2015