The second day of the Literary Festival starts on Tuesday at 17.00. Silvia Tomova opens it with her latest novel, The Long Summer of Eternity.

“The writer, poet and artist in general is a vain creature, he would not write poetry, publish books or take on different roles on stage if he did not want to show himself, if he did not seek approval and his reflection in the eyes of others…” – says Sylvia in response to the question why writers appreciate and seek live meetings with the audience. And from meeting her the audience in Ruse can expect “an open conversation without forbidden topics, without coquetry”.

An hour later, at 18.00, prof. Pravda Spasova will present the participation in the festival of the Polish Cultural Institute in Sofia. This year it is a collection of interviews entitled “Not Dead Yet. Conversations with Polish intellectuals”. The book is a tribute to the memory of Marin Bodakov, whose death is a loss not only for Bulgarian culture. His interest in Polish prose and poetry connected him deeply with this country. At the end of the preface to this collection, prof. Pravda Spasova asks: What can the Bulgarian intellectual learn from this collection of interviews? And answers with one word: “… humility. Because he is facing a Slavic, but also a global culture, in which poets are highly educated intellectuals, and intellectuals continue to be the awakeners of their people.”

The finale on 4 October was the Hungarian Cultural Institute, which has chosen this year to present the novel Clad . The author Djord Dragoman and the translator Adriana Petkova Papadopoulos came especially to take part in the festival.

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