The third day of the festival opened with Rayna Breuer’s “BLOCK 317” . She was born in Bulgaria, grew up in Potsdam, East Germany, then moved to settle today in Bonn. She works as a multimedia journalist. “This will be my first meeting with a Bulgarian audience. My book came out last year in German. I am very grateful to the Elias Canetti Publishing House for translating a few chapters so that I could present them to the Bulgarian audience. I have to admit, I am very excited. This is, after all, my first book. I was surprised that there was a lot of interest in Germany and Austria, for my modest expectations. I thought I was writing it only for the Bulgarian community in Germany, for those who can understand and feel it” – says Raina Breuer in a special interview for the festival. In this sense, she is this year’s discovery of the International Elias Canetti Society. The plot is set in Bulgaria, but it is applicable to any country of the former socialist camp.

About an hour later, the programme continued with poetry. The focus of the second hour was Petar Chouhov and his new collection of poems, Autumn Easter. Poetry, prose, books for children, are the author’s creative delights. As well as the music he composes and for which he writes lyrics.

To make the picture of his creativity complete, the evening ended with a concert by part of the ethno-rock formation “Gologan”. Petar Chouhov performed together with Ivan Hristov, who also writes poetry, prose and music.

On all days of the festival, books of the participants were sold at a discount. The full programme, news and interviews with authors can be found on this website.