“Dreaming and Seeing” and “The World of Words” – prose (but not only) miniatures, 61 selected poems, original drawings and magnificent black and white photographs. This is the focus on the fourth day of the festival. Presented by poet-artist (or artist-poet) Roman Kissiov. Born in Kazanlak,
grew up in Ruse, settled in Sofia, he always emphasizes his connection with Elias Canetti’s city. He participated in the Literature Festival for the third time ” …and I can say that I love this festival! And the reason for that is not only my love to Ruse – the city where a large part of my life passed…
The festival is definitely physiognomic, with a recognizable identity and a European level, selects the participants very carefully – established names not only in national literatures, but also internationally. Here I should note that the festival programme always includes Bulgarian artists.”,
says Roman Kissov in a special interview for the festival.

The creation of literature is a solitary occupation, which is why live meetings with the public are particularly valuable for authors. The poet is not isolated from reality, which today is hardly predictable.
Clearly, the world and humanity is currently in a (transitional) period of great changes. It is possible that these changes will also lead to a change of geographical boundaries. But more important to me are spiritual boundaries… Those spiritual boundaries, that clearly distinguish and separate the dimensions of light from those of darkness, of good from evil, of truth from falsehood!”


Roman Kissiov awaited his audience on October 6, 6 pm, at Canetti House.
A meeting with old friends and colleagues as well as new acquaintances awaits. And what
the audience could expect from him is:” My two latest books – “Dreaming and Seeing”
(short stories, 2021) and “The World of Words” (selected and new poems,
2022). I will share things related to these books and read texts from them. I will
I’ll also be happy to answer questions from the audience if there are any.”

The full festival programme, news and interviews with participants can be found at this website.