The exhibition „Written – Unwritten“ is part of my larger project „Negentropy“, in which, against the rules of entropy,
I try to create order, sense and also some sort of ordered aesthetics out of disorder. It is partly recycling art project because the materials from which I create painting objects are found in a given place, city, region and processed for artistic purposes.
The presented painting objects were inspired by the Danube river, the aesthetics of Bulgarian folk, archaeological finds, the function of literature and various forms of recording events and human thought and the mystery of the passing time. In the background we can hear the hum of the magnificent Danube accompanying the exhibition. River that has been looking at humanity for thousands of years and invariably hitting the shores like a natural clock, measuring the passing time.
Presented works:
1. “Written page.” White and black paint on the banner. 350/195 cm. 2022
2. “Unwritten page.” White paint on the banner. 350/195 cm. 2022
3. “You are here.” Oil painting on found boards, Bulgarian carpet. 160/218 cm. 2022
4. “It was. It Is. It will be.” Oil painting on found boards, windows. 48/265 cm. 2022
5. “Mother Nature I.” Oil painting on the banner. 117/92 cm. 2022
6. “Mother Nature II.” Oil painting on the banner. 117/90 cm. 2022
Ziemowit Fincek is a Polish visual artist, a graduate of the Faculty of Painting and the Faculty of Design and Glass Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. He also studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, Italy.
Selected exhibitions
2022 – ,, NEO RAUCH FOUNDATION – SommerAtelier”, artistic residence, Aschersleben, Germany
2022 – ,,Pilotenkueche”, artistic residence, Leipzig, Germany
2021 – ,,COMMUNITAS III”, group exhibition, Kunsthaus Steffisburg, Switzerland
2020 – Group exhibition, Sonia Monti Gallery; Paris, France.
2020 – ‘Gaude Mater’, solo exhibition, Next Gallery, Bydgoszcz, Poland.
2019 – D’Arts et de rêves, Artistic residence, Quebec, Canada
2016 – ‚Deadman‘, solo exhibition, BWA, Sandomierz, Poland
2016 – ‚Krew-Werk‘, group exhibition, Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw, Poland
2015 – ‚Unknown Worlds‘, solo exhibition, Pragaleria, Warsaw, Poland
2015 – ‚Botanica‘, solo exhibition, Gallery L’Entrepot, Monaco
2015 – ‚Polonia‘, solo exhibition, Mia Art Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
2015 – ‚In the brain‘, solo exhibition, CKiS, Kalisz, Poland
2011 – ‚New International Exhibition‘, Camden Art Gallery, London, England
Instagram: fincek.z