OPENING: 1st October, 18.00, Canetti House

Blvd. “Slavyanski” 12


How famous can a Bulgarian writer be? This topic of conversation marks the beginning of the 16th edition of the festival. The occasion is the literary monograph “The Hanging Fields of Bulgarian Literature” by Boris Minkov, who will challenge the audience to participate in a discussion. He is a literary historian and critic, a lecturer in the history of European literatures at the National Theatre of Fine Arts “Krastyo Sarafov”, editor and publisher of the literary magazine “Page”. Again this year, the nominees for the Elias Canetti National Literary Award will visit the festival days before the winner is announced. Ivan Stankov, who won the prize in 2021, is the first guest. This year he is nominated again – this time for his book “Late Death” . “The theme of love and death have been with us since the time of Hector and Andromache. Writers easily find the thematic source, the question is to find a new language, new situations in which to place the characters. My three protagonists form something of a love triangle. The feeling of love has always interested me in my previous books. “Love is the biggest and the most difficult topic in the world” – says the writer, who has always been a welcome and expected guest in Ruse, for the programme “Artefir” on Hristo Botev. The meeting with Ivan Stankov and “Late Death” is at 19.00.