Canetti House

At the centre of the evening is a German-Bulgarian project premiering in Ruse. Its driving force is Ottjoerg A. C. – a philosopher, journalist and artist with a wide range who uses the possibilities of spaces, objects and media to tell his stories. This will also happen tonight at the Canetti House, where the night play “The Sandman” will come to life in a version called ” The Ear of the Sandman”. Ottjoerg’s partner in this staged story is the Bulgarian Biljana Vuchkova. She is an interdisciplinary artist – a violinist who began her studies in classical music early, only to develop over the years as a contemporary music performer. “Ernst Theodor Amadeus (ETA) Hoffmann’s The Sandman is the basis of the performance, which will feature texts from the book combined with sound collages and video projections from Brazil (the Amazon and Rio Grande de Sul), but also pictures of what is happening in the cities – demonstrations, football matches, etc. Although it is a concert-performance, the focus is on Hoffmann’s literary figure rather than the musical one. And why the EAR of the “Sandman”? Actually, the ability to listen and hear is no less important than seeing. In Brazil, specifically on the Amazon, hearing is vital to avoid becoming food for the crocodile. But listening, hearing, is important everywhere as a way to communicate. Of Biljana Vuckova, Ottjoerg says that as a genius violinist and improviser, she manages to capture the extremes to which the paintings will lead.

All this live today, October 2nd from 18.00 at the Canetti House.