October 9th



On the ninth evening of the festival, there will be theater, but not quite in its traditional sense. The performance “SCENES AT DAWN” is the first part of the trilogy “Final Countdown – the human at the time of implosion”. The authors define it as a “performance-address to the spirit of the time” – an oratorio about human helplessness, about the fear of losing the person next to us, about longings and illusions, about the power and comfort of awakening to realize the reality in which we live and to accept or change it. The performance is also an encounter with the unknown in an attempt to reach closeness and understanding – of oneself and of the other. Between the dream/memory and the crisis of the day ahead is the moment when clarification occurs, the truth that emerges as a moment of dawn. Tsveta Sofronieva‘s playwriting is built on letters, poetry and a play. “We stand against catalog love, defining man and his sensibilities by some advertising or political criteria. Love itself is an intimate feeling. Its authenticity lies in its individuality and uniqueness. We create for everybody, but not for everyone. We meet our audience on an equal footing.” This motivated the author to lay the foundation. On this basis, the director Juliana Sajska builds a performance defined as post-dramatic theater. On this basis, the director Juliana Sajska builds a performance defined as post-dramatic theater. Juliana Sajska is an actress, director, psychodrama therapist, teacher in the Master’s Program “Artistic Psychosocial Practices and Psychodrama” at New Bulgarian University. Participated in numerous independent performances in the country and abroad. She is socially and creatively engaged in her work with children and youth from the street and various marginalized groups. Her associates in this mission, apart from Tsveta Sofronieva, are Elena Dimitrova (actress and director), Qana Moroz (anthropologist and artist), Elitsa Aleksieva (composer and musician), Velislav Pavlov (actor), Ralitsa Toneva (set designer) and Teodor Kotov (psychodrama therapist and artist). Here is the team that worked on the performance:

Interpreted and presented by: Elena Dimitrova, Qana Moroz, Juliana Sajska, Elitsa Aleksieva, Velislav Pavlov

Costumes, stage and lighting design: Ralitsa TonevaMusic: Elitsa Aleksieva

Audio engineer: Nino Gomes

Artistic lighting and multimedia: Anna Qanakieva

Tonight “SCENES AT DAWN” will rise in the haunted space of  Canetti House at 19:30. Entrance to the performance is free.